Friday, April 5, 2013

Only on a trip to Saint Barths

Yesterday my appointment in St. Martin to have a CAT scan done, went well.  Now, it's just wait time.  We should be able to meet with the doctor on Monday.  Should.

I loved the plane ride back to St. Barths.  If you EVER get a chance to fly into beautiful St. Barths, jump at the chance.  It's memory that you will love.

Only on a flight to St. Barths will you:

~Watch them jot down every pound you have and will carry onto the plane, then position each person accordingly.
~Pray the pilot doesn't pass out.  There is no co-pilot.
~Watch a big green Iguana run across the run-way in front of your plane.
~See a tiny gray storm cloud just off the wing and watch small drops of rain fall from it, and a rainbow gently sliding from it to the ocean below.
~See the pilots reaction to another, slightly larger and gray stormcloud.  He decided we would go over it.
~Watch as the pilot sees another stormcloud ahead.  This time we went under it!
~After 4 mins of flying, seeing a beautiful island pop out from among the gorgeous turquoise waters.  The greenish brown mountains are sprinkled with red rooftops.
~Feel your belly go to your throat as the pilot dips the plane all of a sudden.  You think you're crashing into the mountain that is climbing on both sides.  Then, you drop even lower, and skid to a landing.
~See 7 of the most beautiful people in the world waving as your plane passes the airports window.
~Realize that here in this place, with my family, is the place I get to call home.

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