Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Bucket

 At the end of March, we went to Mama's house to see the Bucket!  There were bunches of huge sailing yachts that entered the race.

It started at Shell Beach which is right below Mama's house, so we had a perfect view of the start!
 The boats were huge and gorgeous!  It was a beautiful, sunny day!

 And, of course, when you go to Mama's, she gives you lots of goodies.  Micah loved the cookies!
 Perfect view from the top!
This boat wasn't in the race, but I couldn't help but wish we could go down that slide.  Doesn't that look like fun!
 Last year we were in Florida when it was time for the Bucket waiting for this little man to be born.  Look how he's grown!

What a gorgeous day!

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  1. Sail boats always look so peaceful and beautiful on the high seas. Especially when the colour of the water is that fantastic. Have a wonderful weekend.