Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Week at Mayo

Last week I had some more appointments at Mayo.   I feel like they will never end!  I'm starting to recognize too many of the lab techs and nurses. 

When I stepped in the doors, my cell phone rang.  Who was it?  Mayo calling.  Ha!  They wanted to let me know that my doctor had to have emergency surgery and that I will be seeing a new doctor.  I'm not thankful that my doctor was sick, but I am thankful for a new set of eyes. 

I went to have my PET Scan done.  The nurse was definitely a pro and the IV barely pinched.  Thankful for that!  I've been asking the Lord to let me witness to someone during this.  After my IV, they escorted me to a room with recliners.  I was told to lie still and not even read a book. It was important for me to let the radiation filled glucose to go through my body.   For an hour!  It was there that I met a man that had been through his 8th round of Chemo.  He told me about his diagnosis of Leukemia.  And then he asked me about my health.  I mentioned that when things like this come into your life it makes you think a little more about eternity.  He said, "yes it does"  Then, I asked, "Do you know if  you're going to heaven?"  He answered, "Oh yes!"  Our conversation was cut short because it was his turn to be scanned.  I wish I had an opportunity to share the gospel.  But, after hearing his confident answer and seeing his peace, I couldn't help but believe he might know my Savior, too!  I'm praying for him.  And it might be that our paths will cross again.

Then, it was my turn to go back. The scan wasn't too long.  It's similar to a CT where the scanner is open on both ends.  But, it is long like an MRI tunnel.  I closed my eyes and relaxed. The memory verses I've been working on and the songs the Lord has brought to my heart has been a great comfort.

The next day I went to my doctor's appointment.  I really like her she seems determined to get to the bottom of this. She's really doesn't think I have extrapulmonary TB.  Although she's not 100% positive.  Hopefully the blood work that is due back in 6 weeks will tell for sure.  If it's not extrapulmonary, then I definitely have Latent TB.  She also showed me the results of my PET Scan.  It seems there is an area in my pelvis that is "glowing"  This could mean several things, she just wants to find out what.   She has many things she wants to do:

~Double check my heart.  She said she's just not fully sure that my heart isn't the problem.

~Check on those nodules again that were found in my lungs.  Why are they there?  She feels that was dismissed too easily.

~Have an ultrasound of my pelvic area (we did that on Friday)  She wants to find out what the PET Scan was trying to reveal.

She said she wanted to be really honest with me and tell me that she doesn't feel cancer has been totally ruled out.  She said that is first on her list right now to look at.  She used the term "occult cancer"  and from what I understand, it's a cancer that the location hasn't been determined. 

So, within the next couple of weeks I will head back to Mayo.  There are about 15 more tests on my schedule!  Whew!

Through this God is ever faithful.  As we were waiting in the waiting room I started getting nervous.  As we arrived in the office, I was really nervous!  I started thinking about the lessons the Lord has been teaching me (I'll share soon) and thought about His presence.  Oh how precious His presence is!  I pictured the Lord in the room with us.  How comforting.  When the doctor came in, listened to us, and started reviewing my history, I begged The Great Physician to whisper in her ear what to do.  It was then she started writing down the tests I need to do next.  So, even though this path has taken us by surprise, I see the Lord leading and guiding us.  He's so good to me!


  1. Hi Kami,

    I can't recall how I came to your blog but I now follow every day. Please know that I am praying for you and your family, and especially for your girls. It is hard for all the family but for a daughter and a mother the connection is so special.

    Julie in Australia

  2. Hi Kami, somehow I missed this post even though I looked for an update before I left town for a few days. I am glad to see your doctor is very thorough. I truly appreciate a detail oriented person who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to matters of health. I know that tests and more tests can seem never ending but I pray God would give some answers and some workable treatments to show the tests have been more than beneficial. I pray too that you will get the desire of your heart for witness opportunities as you go through this journey. God bless and keep all of you with his peace and comfort, faith and hope. Love and hugs.