Friday, September 13, 2013

The Surprise Package Company

 We received a great package in the mail this week.  It was from The Surprise Package Company.  There were lots of goodies in there (we love our snacks!)  some notebooks, lotions, sticky notes, fun bath stuff....just lots of thought out surprises.  And the best things is the note saying that prayers are being made for us.  What a blessing! Thank you Surprise Package Company!


  1. Some nice looks snacks in there!

    (My name is Angela and I am from the Sackville Independent Baptist Church. The ladies at the church are starting up our LIHS (Ladies in His Service) for the year. As secretary I am getting this ready. I see no other way to contact you on here to ask this. Can you please private message me your current mailing address? We would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!)