Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bagels, Yum!

 We have really been enjoying our library.  The kids love to get books!  On a recent trip they found this one, "Ziggy's Big Idea" by Ilana Long.  It's a cute story about how the bagel may have been invented.  (There are a couple of different stories about their invention)  At the end of the book it gives a recipe for bagels.  What a fun thing to try!
 So, we set out to make the yeasty dough and let it rise.  I love having helpers in the kitchen!
 The fun part was making the bagel shapes.

 After a quick bath of sugar water, we popped them in the oven and the house began to smell wonderful!  Don't you love the smell of fresh bread?
 But, the very best part of the process was eating them!!! They were so yummy!

I think we will be adding this to our recipe book!

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  1. I want to try to recipe too! Can you send it to me??? I can't get bagels in the stores here I don't think. I'd love to give it a try!