Wednesday, October 1, 2014

When a missionary must take an unexpected furlough....

August 2013 was a difficult month for us.  My health was worse, the word "cancer" was mentioned a couple of times at Mayo Clinic, and I missed my family terribly.  We knew that it was time for Patrick and the kiddos to join me in the states and to fight this medical battle together.  This was a totally unexpected turn of events for us, but a situation we knew God was in control of.  Our minds weighed heavy with thoughts of possible sickness and disease that was believed to be in my body.  But, quickly we had to realize there was even more to think about.....relocating, at a moment's notice, back to the States.  There was much to think about!

 What would we drive?  (Our cute, purple, large-enough-for-our-family XL7 was sitting in our driveway in St. Barths.)

Where would we sleep, eat, live?  (There are 8 of us!)

How would we provide meals for our family?  (Every plate, fork, pot and pan was on the field as well)

School.  When?  Where?  How?

Toys. Books.  Games. Pictures.....everything was back in St. Barths.

The burdens were heavy at that time.  And we were so blessed to have many people shoulder those burdens with us.  One special group of people was our home church, Winkler Road Baptist Church.

From the moment my illness began, the people of Winkler Road Baptist Church showered us with love.  They have cried with us and rejoiced with us.  They have provided meals, financial support, listening ears and encouragement.  There was much to think about, but with a family like ours and a church like ours, everything was taken care of.  God is so good!  I'm so thankful for the sweet spirit of Pastor Strange, "Miss" Judy and Winker Road Baptist Church!

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  1. This is a wonderful church and just exactly as it should be. May God richly bless the saints and leadership there. xx