Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How our Josh is doing!

A few of you have asked about how Josh is doing at college.  Thank you for asking.  He's doing great!  He loves Golden State Baptist College!
We are so thankful for the age we live in and that we are able to text or talk to Josh on a daily basis.  It does this Momma's heart good to hear from her boy!  We love to talk to him at the end of our day and hear all the things happening out in Santa Clara.  Here's just a few highlights.:

  ~He loves his classes and has learned so much already.  
~He's making fabulous grades. 
 ~Chapel is a highlight of his day.  
~The preaching is amazing! 
~The food is good, but he misses Momma's cooking and portion sizes (makes me smile!)
~ He loves being a part of North Valley Baptist Church and loves being able to work on a bus route.  ~He's loving dorm life.
~Poor guy was sick, thought he got better, only to have it come back 5 days later.  He is on the mend now.  It was so hard for me not to fly our there and make him some hot tea!
~He's still in search of a job.  He's filled out over 50 applications.  He does have an interview this Friday!  So, we are praying for him to get hired.  He's learning some real-life-lessons on faith as he has been praying and fasting for God to provide for his upcoming bill.
~Had a day in San Francisco and enjoyed seeing the sights there.
~Was able to lead a boy and a man to the Lord last Saturday during Bible Clubs!
~Loved being a part of the "Big Day" at church last Sunday.  They had over 5,000 in attendance!  

So, my boy is doing great.  We still miss him terribly and there have been a few homesick times for him, but I love hearing about what the Lord is doing in his life.  Praise God!


  1. HI, I saw you're moving to Florida. Let me recommend a good church ya'll should visit. You could present your ministry and they are a really awesome church. You would like them. I have visited them a few times, and am always blessed.
    Their name is Beacon Baptist Church in Jupiter Fl.
    Hope you check them out!

  2. Sounds like your Josh is doing wonderfully!