Saturday, August 1, 2015

A New Nursery

Lots and lots of things happening around here.  Our summer started with lots of things to renovations to the church!  We ran into a great problem....our auditorium is quite packed on Sunday mornings!  yay!  So, after some brainstorming from Patrick and the men, they decided to build a new nursery in the back garage so that the walls could come down in the auditorium.

 They started working right away.  It was so great to have men come and work at the church.  What a blessing!
 Brenna learned how to mud walls in the process.

 And Beth learned how to lay flooring.  I love the look of these vinyl planking that we chose!

 Our sweet helpers/supervisors!

 We decided to paint the walls a light beigey color and the ceiling a sky blue.  I had Patrick paint on some clouds to the ceiling, too!  I love how the coloring turned out!!

 Then, the girls and I decided to try some Pinterest projects for decorations.  We had a great time making these Kites and Hot Air Balloons!

 Then, we had a work day where the ladies came and cleaned and helped set up the nursery.  I love how it turned out!!

 So colorful, inviting and clean!

 My sweet kiddos love it, that's for sure!!

 The next step was to tackle the was our high day last week of 41!  God sure is blessing!

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  1. Your new nursery looks fantastic! How wonderful too that you have such a lot of people attending your new church already. Awesome blessings of God.