Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Is Everybody Okay?

After a great day at Paynes Prairie State Park, we began our trek home from Gainesville back to Fort White.  Some of the kiddos were getting sleepy and resting, some were already taking a good snooze.  I was driving along thinking about the great time we had and all the fun things we had for the Friday night ahead.  I stopped at a red light.  Then, I remember a huge bang and being thrown forward.  We were rear ended.

 I quickly turned around to find out if everyone was okay.  Praise God they were!  After checking everyone, Micah  then started to cry.  It was quite a scary moment!  I found my cell phone on the floor board and tried to call 911.  It took a moment because my phone was quite wet from the Coconut Water I had in the cup holder that was now on the ground.  I realized my shoes had flown off, and I couldn't find my glasses (they were later found in the back seat)  After calling 911, I called Patrick.  Help was on the way and within 3 minutes the police were there.

The driver must have been distracted, but other than a back ache, he was okay.  His truck was totaled and the insurance just pronounced our Expedition totalled as well.
We woke up with sore necks and chest.  It was quite an impact!
We praise God our family is safe!  We're thankful for our big vehicle that took the impact for us.
Thank you Lord!


  1. God Bless you all! Your family is so precious to me! I enjoy your blog so much! And your daughter's blog as well - you're both on my favorites list. Thank You Jesus for keeping these precious servants of Yours safe & sound! (I apologize if you get half a dozen comments from me - I couldn't remember my Google password.) God bless you!!!

  2. Oh, Kami! I am so glad that all of you are alright. So thankful for God's protection.

  3. Praise the Lord you all are okay!

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    ~Blessings in Christ,