Monday, August 17, 2015

Paynes Prairie State Park

 We are having a great time exploring the State Parks in our area.  There are a bunch!  We decided to try out Paynes Prairie State Park on the south side of Gainesville.
 First thing up was to climb to the top of the tower and look out over the prairie.  It was so beautiful!  We were so glad Karlie could come with us!  She was adventurous and ready to experience the whole park!

 Then, we heard the thunder and saw a storm rolling in.  Time to head down!

 As it started to rain, we decided it was the perfect time to eat our picnic lunch under a pavilion.

 We found this neat area and now my Beth and Brenna are dreaming of having a youth meeting here!  It would be perfect!

 Of course the playground was a big hit with my little ones!

 Then, it was time to head out on the hike into the prairie to see the alligators.  It was a mile and a half to the point, and a mile and half back.  Could my little ones do it?  Sure!  Do you see the gator?

 It was a beautiful path!!

 We saw lots of different kinds of birds.  They actually were the ones the scared us the most.  They would make these awful noises and we would all scream!

 The trail became narrow and we could see right next to us where the alligators can get on the trail.  A little creepy!

 Callie was in love with the flowers.

 You can't really see it in the picture, but we were able to see some wild horses in the distance.  It was beautiful!

 Then, another storm decided to come in and this Momma said it was time for us to head out!

Sweet sisters helped our little ones.  Their tiny legs were quite tired!

It was a great adventure!  We decided that we are going to fit "State Park Adventures" into our school schedule somehow!

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