Monday, May 9, 2016

Hydrangea, Hydrangea!

 When we first moved to our home, we noticed that, at one time, someone had taken care in planting many different kinds of plants.  Next to the front porch were 3 hydrangea bushes with big (completely dried up) hydrangea flowers.   After doing some trimming and pruning, my hydrangeas didn't bloom last summer.  The leaves looked healthy and green, but no flowers.  Had I just imagined the dried up flowers?

 Well, this year, we have beautiful hydrangeas starting to grow and bloom!  They are still teeny, tiny, but, they are beautiful!! Any other hydrangea-wanna-be-farmers out there?  Any tricks of the trade?


  1. Don't cut the thicker wood (branches) in the fall when the leaves die back. Some varieties of Hydrangea build on those existing branches and won't bloom without them.

  2. I've never grown a hydrangea but I sure do love to look at them :-)