Friday, May 27, 2016

Welcome Jenna

 We figured it's time to add something new to our (wanna-be) little farm. Silas wanted a pig or a goat.  A sweet man at church has been telling Silas all about owning a goat and the responsibility and how they give good milk.  Silas was sold!  When the Lord opened up the door for us to get a free baby goat, we said, "Yes!"

 This goat  belongs to all of us, but it is Silas's special responsibility.  He's in charge of pinning her out everyday and giving her feed and water.  Silas, Callie and Micah chose the name "Jenna" for her.  How cute.

 It's so cute to watch her follow Silas around the yard.  When he goes inside she calls to him (very consistently) MAAAAA!  Cute.  Sort of.  Actually, hearing her call like that when the sun comes up is quite annoying!  :o)
 Her job is so start chewing down the greenery in our woods.  Eventually we would like to clear a bit and make a basketball court.  She better get busy!!

So thankful for this beautiful property that God gave us.  So happy to use it to teach my kiddos responsibility and the joy that can be had from hard work.  Loving this life!!


  1. I loved goats as a child too. They do have wonderful milk!

  2. WE LOVE goats too. You will probably want to cut her horns though. A full grown goat ( even friendly) is not so much fun with horns. :)