Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday to my Callie Grace!

 Today, my sweet Callie Grace, turns 7!

What a sweet treasure she is to our family!  
She loves the Lord, loves her family, friends and church.  
And just loves life!

 Bless this girl's heart, she's sandwiched in between two rough and tumble, tough boys!  This makes her pretty patient and pretty tough!  She loves to play with her babies and loves to dress up in to a princess.  Just yesterday she had Silas and Micah be her body guards because she was a queen!

And yet, through all this girly-ness, she loves to be outside.  Loves to feed her chickens (that's her job!) and loves to get muddy!

She's almost done with 1st grade and is an excellent student!  Oh my, how she can read!  She's reading through most of the American Girl series and is so excited to get back to the library this summer!  She loves to bake, help me clean, play teacher and giggle.

We sure do love you Callie!  So thankful you are part of our family!!


  1. Those are fabulous photos of your pretty little girl. Happy birthday to her!

    1. Thank you! Brenna took them and did wonderful as usual! :o)

    2. Thank you! Brenna took them and did wonderful as usual! :o)

    3. She is a terrific photographer.

  2. Yes, those pictures of her with all those flowers are beautiful! Callie looks so happy. Happy birthday!