Monday, May 1, 2017

The Desires of His Heart

 It was about a year ago that Silas was given his first goat.  He sure does love his Jenna and faithfully takes care of her.  He wanted to be able to have goats milk and make cheese and fudge.  As you know, to have milk, you must have two goats!  A friend of ours needed a place to put their male goat for a while. moved Olaf!  There has been a lot of gentle explaining to our little boy about boy goats and girl goats.  Silas was quite concerned about his Jenna's safety!  But, it seems things are moving along naturally and we may have some new baby goats sometime in September!

 Then, a friend of Joshua's had two goats that he could no longer care for.  Of course, Silas wanted them!  So, we added to our little herd, Nathan and Peggy.

 It's been fun, busy, and stinky work for our Silas.  At first Olaf found ways to escape.  He's huge!  Then, Jenna would find ways. We think we have all the escape routes plugged and all 4 goats are getting along good.

Thank you Lord for granting my boys heart's desire!


  1. Aw so sweet. When I was a very young girl we had a neighbour who had a lot of goats. My siblings and I would go over every chance we got to play with the kids. Goats milk is sure good. Goat's meat too though I'm sure Silas won't want to think about that for awhile yet. In Kenya goats meat is quite a staple of the diet if one is fortunate enough to have goats.

    1. We hope we enjoy the Goat's milk! We just tried some goat's cheese that was honey flavored from the store. It was excellent!