Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Callie's Day

 We sure do love birthdays around here! The birthday girl (or boy) is in charge and they love it!  It's amazing what they pick to do.  It's usually staying around the house, playing games and enjoying their gifts.  It's always full of giggles and memories and Callie's day was no different!

 She loves phone calls for her!

 She asked if we could go to the park that has "skin colored slides"  We had to stop for a bit and figure out which one that was!
 Even though it was the beginning of May, we had such a chilly wind!  And we had the park all to ourselves.  That's a benefit of being a homeschooler! :o)

 Then, our boys played football in the baseball field.  It was the gators vs the bulldogs.

 The girls had fun cheering them on!

 Sure do love my 7!

I'm not sure who loved Callie's gift from Josh and Tabitha more.... Callie or Josh?  Although I found my husband playing with it last night!

Then, Brenna built a hug tent and we all had chocolate cake in the tent together.  How fun!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!  What a fun day!!

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  1. Such a sweet party for a sweet little girl. Happy birthday, Callie! May you have many more fun and blessed days. xx