Saturday, December 16, 2017

High Springs Christmas Parade

 Christmas activities are in full swing and what a great time we are having!!  We have been looking forward to our town's parade all year!  We invited friends from VSIBC to come and join us and it made it even more fun!

Like last year, we arrived early and the kids played with chalk on the sidewalk while we ate snacks and enjoyed the time together.  This year it was freezing!!! It was in the 30s and these Florida people were frozen!!

 We decided to make Christmas Crackle again.  So yummy!!! (It's really Christmas Crack, but one of the teen girls that comes to church said we should probably change the name to Christmas Crackle. :o) )

 Do we look cold?? Even our blankets were cold!

 Then it was time for the parade to start.  I love our community!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love living here? :o)

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