Thursday, February 8, 2018

Expansion for our goats

Over the past 3 years, I have realized something more and more....maybe I am more of a city girl than I realized!  I jokingly call our property our "little family farm" because I love farm life and want to be a good steward of this great land that God has given us.  I have so much to learn!  And I need so much more energy to do it!  I feel like all of our adventures have been trial and error.  Sadly, we are down to 2 goats.  Silas sure does love them and it has been a hard lesson in learning that sometimes animals just die.  He's doing well though and is being a great caretaker of his goat herd!

Spring is closing in and we are starting to feel the itch to get things more orderly around here.  Our kiddos have loved playing outside in the cold temps.  But, this winter the chill has kept me inside with socks on my feet and a blanket close by.  Brr!  It's been cold!  But now it's warming up and my mind is whirling with ideas for our property.

Someone recently gave us a bunch of fencing and goat supplies!  So, Patrick has been working to enclose an area that he would like cleared.  Our goats eat so much, so he would like to let them help clear a portion of our property.

Putting up fencing is hard work.  But, my guys are always up for a challenge!

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  1. I'm glad the weather is warming up for you dear Kami. I can see the guys are very hard at work. I hope they accomplished a lot. Much love. xx