Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Homosassa Springs State Park

We had such a great day taking the kiddos to Homosassa Springs State Park!  On our quest to visit all the Florida State Parks, this one was at the top of our list.

My parents took me here as a kid.  And being a manatee lover,  I loved it!  But, when I was a kid, it was an amusement/entertainment park.  Since then, the state has bought it and turned it into a state park.

Usually it costs $6 a car load to get into a park. This one was a little more expensive at $5 for 6-12 year olds, and $13.00 for 13 and up.  Yikes!  So, when my sweet Mam-maw gave us some Christmas money, I knew how we wanted to spend it!  Memories are priceless!

When we arrived at the entrance, we took the boat to the park.  It was about a 15 minute ride and it was so much fun!  We saw wildlife along the way...alligators, turtles and birds!

Beautiful Florida....breathtakingly gorgeous!

It was quite chilly for us Floridians that day!

There are boardwalks and walkways all throughout the park that are well kept.  We did a lot of walking that day!

The underwater observatory is exactly like I remembered as a kid.  It's so neat!  You walk underneath and you are underwater!  You get to see all kinds of fish up close.

And the best of all you get to see manatees!  I love these creatures!  I find them very fascinating.  And cute! ;o)

Patrick was in awe at all the fish he saw.  He impressed me once again with his ability to name so many species!

Then, it was off to see some of their other animals.

Their hippo, Lou, is quite old.  And lonely looking.  And very slow moving!  We spent a lot of time just watching him and talking to him.  :o)

We saw bears, panthers, alligators, and many many birds!

My brave Micah decided to touch one.  Crazy kid!

And an eagle with an American Flag appropriately hanging behind him.  He was so strong and majestic!

Then, we went into the Discovery Center.

There were lots of activities to do!  The kids loved it!

And just like all of our other state park experiences, we saw this familiar sign. 

What a great family day!  Many memories, laughter and fun!

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  1. Hi Kami, it looks like a lot of fun for everyone. Personally I love seeing such a variety of wild animals. God's creations are so very interesting. You are all in bare legs but meanwhile we had fresh snow today. I'm having issues with keeping warm enough. It is very late in the season for us to be getting snow. I think we are even supposed to have more later this week. Hugs, xx