Monday, February 12, 2018

Lots more greens!

My hardworking boys just finished the new Paddock for our goats!

The area they enclosed has lots of different vegetation for our little goat herd to munch on.  (We still only have 2 goats, I just think it's neat to call them our herd. :o) )

These two have been happily munching away at all the new treats!

They have a covered shelter that was given to us as well.  They love it!  So, now....we feel the itch to get some more goats.  And we have an empty paddock awaiting another animal.  We're trying to decide what to get that would be enjoyable, and a wise investment.  We went to our local livestock auction last week.  We learned so much!

~Large goats actually bring in a lot of money!
~Pigs stink.  bad.
~Goat babies are adorable.
~Sheep are pretty neat too.
~Cows are rather large.  Larger than maybe we want to have....
~There is a demand for goats in our area.

So, we are absorbing lots of information and praying about what to do.  We're also rethinking trying our hand at gardening again.  We said we would never try again,'s a new year!!   Lots of spring pictures are hopefully in the future!

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  1. My family lived very close to an elderly American gentleman when I was a child. He had a large property full of junk and odds and ends. He also raised horses, cows and goats. So I grew up drinking unpasteurized cow and goat milk and mom even made goat stew for us. She didn't tell us what it was until after we ate it because we used to play with the neighbours goats. Seeing your goats brings back a lot of fun memories of times we used to play at the neighbours. I hope you have a lot of fun raising your "herd".