Friday, March 29, 2019

Very Specific

 Specific prayer really does bring specific results.  I'm more convinced of that more than ever!

  I've changed up my prayer time about 6 months ago.  Instead of my notebook I'm using 3x5 cards with very specifics.  I'll have to post about it sometime.  I've also been reading a book about praying for my husband.  The author talks about specific things we should be praying about concerning our husbands.  For instance, praying about his priorities.

  4 years ago, my husband also became my Pastor.  Pretty weird!  But in a good sort of way. :o)  Being a Pastor means he wears many, many hats.  And after the month we've had, his to-do list has grown abundantly.  I realized that when he woke up in the morning he was darting here and there trying to complete everything and laying his head on his pillow at night thinking, "What did I accomplish today?"  Ever had a day like that?  That's Mommahood, isn't it? :o)

So that morning during my prayer time, I prayed for my sweet Patrick to have wisdom what is his priority for the day.  I prayed specifically that God would help him put "first things first."

When my sweetie woke up he headed straight for his office for devotions and study time.  A few hours later he came out and said, "I'm having a really great morning and accomplishing so much.  I'm really purposing to "put first things first!"  He had no idea I had prayed those specific words for him!  Specific prayer does bring specific results!!


  1. That is such a blessing, Kami.

  2. I totally believe in specific prayer and always ask my praying friends for specific needs. Funny but some of them say "I pray for you every day" which is great but I also desire specific prayers at times. God really does answer. I used to keep a notebook with specific prayers for others and for myself and record the dates of answer. I think I need to get back to it :-) May God continue to bless you all. xx