Monday, September 30, 2019


I love my Sundays!  The day starts early as we all get up and start preparing for our day in the Lord's House!  I usually go over my Sunday School lesson one more time and pray for my class.  It's a day where everyone finds their own breakfast, so that usually goes smoothly.  Brenna and I try to leave for church by 8:45.  Patrick, Beth, Silas, Callie and Micah leave on the bus to start the bus route around 9. 

 Once Brenna and I get to church we set up our Sunday School materials.  (She teaches 4-7 and I have 8-12) , we also get out the breakfast that we will give to to students.  Then, we practice our offeratory for the morning as well as the congregationals.  We are loving having two pianos to play in the auditorium!

Then, the bus arrives around 9:40.  I love to see the kids get off the bus and run into the Sunday School room.  They are so excited! And so am I!  We've started a new curriculum to use for the next 12 weeks.  There are pros and cons to it and I don't think I'd choose to order this one again.  Maybe I'll do a post soon on the curriculums that we've tried and our thoughts on them. 

After Sunday School it's off to church!  I find myself at the piano and get everything in order.  I also try to squeeze in a few minutes to shake hands.  I don't get around to everyone like I used to, our church is really growing!  But, I'm so thankful for the wonderful people to greet and say hello to.  We really do have some amazing Christians at VSIBC!  Then, we enjoy a great Sunday Morning service.  Our church is very traditional and as my husband puts it, "We're not Old-Fashioned, just time tested!"  We like it bright in our auditorium and we still sing from our hymnbooks.  I love it!  We fellowship and love being together!  Our main focus, though, is definitely the preaching!   Most people have their Bible right on their laps and follow along as Patrick preaches the message the Lord has laid on his heart.  He encourages everyone to follow along and see for themselves what God's Word says.  I love that!  I love that when my husband calls out a scripture to find that when someone finds it they say "Amen!"  Soon, you hear many "Amens" around the auditorium as people find their place in the Bible.  Love it!

After the Sunday Morning Service is over, it's Brenna's turn to ride the bus home and Beth and I hop in the car to head home.  Our Sunday afternoons are pretty relaxed.  We eat an easy-ish meal and then everyone just relaxes and does their own thing.  Maybe read, maybe play a game, sometimes color....everyone enjoys a few hours to relax.  Then, at 4:30 we head for choir practice.  Josh is doing such a great job with our little choir.  I sit next to Tabitha in the alto section.  Maybe that isn't such a good idea.  We end up getting the giggles way too often!  We really do have a great time at choir!!

The evening service is probably one of my favorite services of the week.  We talk about the many blessings from the morning and what God is doing in our church.  No one seems in a hurry to go and everyone enjoys the fellowship.  We sing, have preaching and make decisions for Christ.  It's amazing!

Sunday nights we go home and if the Eagles are playing we're watching!  We usually have a few people come to snack and watch football.  It's a great ending to the day.

I love my Sundays!  And in my devotions this morning I read in Psalm 92: 13-14

"Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God.  They shall still bring forth fruit in old age;  they shall be fat and flourishing;"

There is no substitute for being "planted in the house of the LORD"  God is faithful to bless us when we are in His house.  So thankful for a wonderful church, church family, and super busy Sundays.  No other way I'd rather spend the best day of the week!

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