Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Truly giving them up

It was around 1915 when Pastor Charles Tindley had one of his church members come to him for counsel.  The man needed comfort and wisdom on how to deal with his troubles.  Pastor Tindley gave a wonderful response, "Put all your troubles in a sack, take 'em to the Lord, and leave 'em there."

It was those words that God gave him to counsel his church member that Charles Tindley later used to pen the words to the hymn, "Leave It There."  You see Charles was born into slavery in 1851.  At 5 years old he was left an orphan.  He had burdens. His life wasn't easy.  But the Lord helped him to press on as he taught himself to read and write and put himself through school. He soon became known as a very learned man and mastered both Hebrew and Greek.  He later pastored a church in Philadelphia where the hymn was written.

He, for sure, was a man that had burdens.  He learned to give them to the Lord.  God sure handles things so much better than we do! 

As we focus on the hymn, "Leave It There" I am reminded to not just sing the words, but to truly live by this principle.  We have a God that wants to help us through life struggles, whether big or small.  He wants to take our burdens, but the key is we have to give it to Him.  I think that's the hard part, truly giving them up.

As I listened to our hymn this morning, I reread the verse I'm memorizing, Psalm 55:22, "Cast thy burden up the LORD, and he shall sustain thee;  he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved."   As I prayed, I gave up some of my burdens to God.  I told Him all about each one and how I have no power to change them.  They are just weighing me down.  I need Him to intervene, take over, and do His will.  It's amazing the peace God gives you.  It's not that the problems are gone, it's that God is  now in control.  I just get to sit back and watch Him work!  What a wonderful God we have!


  1. I like Pastor Tindley's advice to put our troubles in a sack, take it to the Lord and leave it there. I need plenty of reminders to do just that. I believe I've heard you and your lovely daughters sing this song and it touched me.

  2. Kami, I just came back to this post a second time because I needed to read it again. I want you to know that I am praying with you about your burdens because I have one on my heart that has been weighing me down as well and it keeps reminding me to pray for you, my friend. Thank you for reminding me to Cast my burden on the Lord and leave it there.