Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Happy Graduation Beth!!

My Elisabeth just finished up her Associates Degree.  We are so proud of her!  She takes her ministry of Church Secretary very seriously, and this degree will only help her to do her very best!

We decided to do a graduation party for her and another sweet girl from our church, Kylie, that is graduating from High School.  We invited our church family and had a great night!

We had games set up like cornhole and basketball.  The weather was wonderful!! No rain and not sweltering hot.  There was even a breeze.  Yippee!

We had wings and veggies and lots of chips.

And we had a yummy cookie bar.  I have a new favorite cookie made by a sweet friend....Maple Pecan.  Oh me, oh my, they were super good!!

Then, we enjoyed a great game of volleyball at our court out back.  There were lots of players and lots of spectators.  We cheered and cheered and laughed and laughed.

My Callie is getting good!!

This was our first fellowship as a church family since quarantine hit.  Everyone was so ready to just be together and talk and laugh.  It was such a great night to honor these 2 girls and to enjoy time together.  Lots of great memories!!

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