Thursday, June 11, 2020

My brave Micah

I have to admit....when Micah came along I sort of figured I had things figured out with baby #6.  Boy, was I wrong!  Micah has been our kid with the most trips to the doctor.  He's had stitches (scary day!), tonsils and adenoids removed, allergy troubles, poor guy.  But, he's been so brave all along the way! 

About 6 months ago he began getting dizzy spells.  He would all of a sudden get really dizzy, then his body would be covered in sweat.  Sometimes he would get nausea, too.  Then, he started having some headaches.  His primary care decided to send him to a Neurologist to double check some things.  They ordered an MRI.  My Micah did amazing!  They even had goggles that had a movie attached to them.  He was so still they thought he'd fallen asleep.  He said, "Nope, just watchin' the movie!"

I'm so excited to say that the MRI came out clear and everything looks great!  Still not sure what is the cause of the dizziness and headaches, but they are decreasing and he hasn't had one in 3 weeks, Praise the Lord!

So proud of my brave Micah and how he has been such a brave trooper along the way!

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  1. So glad to hear there was nothing showing on the MRI and that he is feeling better. May God completely heal him.