Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Celebrating Callie

Our sweet girl turned 12 not too long ago.  I feel like I turned around and she just grew up all of a sudden.  I am so proud of the lady she is becoming!
She loves the Lord, her family, her cat, and books! 

She asked if we could spend a few hours at the library for her birthday.  It was so fun!  She read and read and checked out a ton of books!

The next day was her "birthday party."  It's so neat how the Lord works things out.  Last year she told us she would really like to have birthday party next year since she's never had one.  We've always done family parties for her, but never one where she could invite her friends.  At the time last year, she had one friend at church. Our youth department was quite small, so I secretly wondered who we would invite.

Throughout the year since her last birthday, the Lord has provided more and more friends for my Callie.  She has loved it!!
For her party she asked if we could go out for dessert all together at a fancy restaurant.  We went to Ivy House in Williston.  It's an old house filled with antiques and gifts.  It was so fun!

We invited the Mommas along too, so that was super fun for me!  So thankful that God provided friends for her, and for me as well!  Isn't He always right on time?

We had a great time celebrating our sweet girl!

 Happy 12th birthday Callie Grace!  We love you!

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  1. I love how God just takes care of all the details in our lives. In this case, friend for Callie's birthday and friends for you! Happy birthday to your Callie.