Wednesday, March 15, 2023

I am devoted to....

I've enjoyed studying out Psalm 119 in my devotions.  The Psalmist gives so many convicting statements.  They are statements that cause me to want to fill in the blank and ask "What can be said of me?" I'll give you some examples:

I have longed after __________

I shall keep __________

I am devoted to __________

I delight in __________

I have stuck unto __________

I have chosen __________

I will __________

Convicting, isn't it?  It causes me to ask what would be said of me.  If I look at my life last month, last week, yesterday....what would be said of me?

The Christian life is one that is to be growing and learning.  Constantly.  We are to be ever watchful of the direction of our path.  It's so easy to get off course, isn't it?  It's so easy to let things slip a little here and a little there.  It's easy for our fire and passion to get a little dimmer for Christ as we become consumed with the busyness of the day.  And that's how satan wants us to be.  He wants us to be so filled with the little things here and there that we forget our ultimate purpose; to glorify Christ.  He also wants us to think that our lives are of little importance and the things we do today don't really matter.

When I long after, stick unto, and choose the things that Christ would have me to, then He is glorified! He is magnified and made known!  He is elevated!

So what exactly does that mean for me today.  How can I glorify Him today?  In my very life?  

For me, I will probably come in contact with just a handful of people today: my family.  Today is a day that will be spent mostly (or completely) at home.  That is my path for today.  I will feed my 5 that are around my table.  I will wash their clothes.  I will organize the things around me and plan their day.  I will set a schedule for them.  I will speak to them.  As I go about this day, will I give Christ glory?  It's so easy to get too relaxed in a day like today.  No one is watching, right?  It's just our family, so it's okay to step back a little? Or is it? 

I'm afraid that's another snare of satan.  He wants wives and mommas to feel that their work in their home is insignificant.  He really does want us to feel that the clothes we fold and dishes we wash will have no impact on anyone.  But, dear sister friend, that's simply not true.  Just like the Psalmist, we can live a life devoted to Christ.  We can serve those in our home and by doing so we are serving Christ and bringing glory to Him!  

At the end of the day, I will be able to say, "I have chosen to __________."  I will be able to fill in the blank, "I have been devoted to __________."   "I delighted in __________."  

I am the one who gets to fill in those blanks for my day!  I pray that I can say I glorified and lifted up Christ!


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