Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The hearts of young people

Joshua and Tabitha lead the teens in our church.  They do such a good job and really have their hearts.  We have a great group of young people.  Recently there was a youth conference held about 3 hours away.  Josh and Tabitha weren't able to take our teens, so my hubby and I volunteered.  We had so much fun with them!!

Part of the fun is the journey and we had a great time all along the way!  So much laughter!

The conference was great!!  Bro Ploughman was the preacher for the night and he preached on Knowing God's Perfect Will For You.  It was so good and gave our teens a lot to think about in their spiritual walk.  I love how God feeds us exactly what we need!

 I'm thankful for the tender heart of these precious young people.  They are a blessing and have set a good example for others.  Even their Pastor and Pastor's Wife.

There's no greater joy than to serve Jesus!

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