Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Baby...14 years old!

14 years ago today, my life drastically changed...I became a Mom. I never realized how much being a Mom changes everything in your life. I had a new title. I was not only daughter, sister, and wife, I became Momma. Precious title, isn't it? The minute I found out I was carrying my baby inside of me, I completely fell in love with him. When I saw him that loved expanded and was truly love at first sight. Being a mother takes so much energy, thought, and time. It's the hardest job ever, but the most rewarding. I'm so blessed to have my Josh as my son.
Josh is such a gentlemen and thoughtful towards me. Now, don't get me wrong, he definitely teases me, scares me, and plays practical jokes on me (So much like his Daddy!), but he also makes sure I don't lift anything too heavy, opens doors for me, and is so protective of me. I am so blessed!

Josh has grown up so much this year! He's now 5 feet 7 inches. He weighs 110 pounds, which he says is all muscle! :o) He likes to show off his biceps sometimes. Boys will be boys! We've given him more responsibilities this year, like staying home without us, having a small job, and he's our trashman, too!

Josh loves to tell jokes. Mostly very corny! He's a lot like Pastor Strange, he's got a great memory for jokes! He's also been practicing since October learning to Juggle. He's gotten very good! He also really loves to do magic tricks and is coming up with a Gospel Magic routine.

Joshua still likes to play outside doing things like basketball, football, baseball, (any sport, really!), hide and go name it, he loves being outside! He's hoping for some camping time this year.

I was so glad that his Grammy was able to be here for his birthday. She made it very special for him. Do you like his new suit? Thanks, Grammy!

Patrick and Joshua share such a sweet relationship. Josh has always tagged along wherever his Daddy went...from quick trips to the store, to fishing and hunting. They are so much alike, that it's scary! (Pray for me! Two Patricks...oh dear!) I'm so thankful they are so close. They not only have a Father/Son relationship, but they're also friends. Thank you, Lord.

We started off the morning with birthday pie. This year Josh requested Key Lime.

Then, at church they sang "Bonne Fete" to him.

Then, Denise took us all out to lunch. It was very delicious!!! In this picture they're trying to remember how to make a chicken out of a napkin (Mom, I think we need another tutorial on this!)

I ordered the grilled Vegetable Sandwich...Oh Wow!!! It was wonderful!!

Denise wanted Josh to order something really special. Josh was going to get a burger, but she talked him into the Surf and Turf. He loved it! He said the Lobster was amazing.

Happy Birthday my boy! I sure do love you. I'm so thankful that you're so good to me and your Dad. You treat me so special and make me so proud. You're such a great example to Beth, Brenna, Silas, and Callie. Keep serving the Lord. Give him your whole heart, you'll never regret it!
Love, Momma


  1. Hello, and Happy Birthday to your son. I noticed that you mentioned a "Pastor Strange". We know a Pastor Don Strange from Florida. Could this possibly be the same one? He tells jokes all the time, so I thought it might be him. Gail

  2. I can't believe he's 14 already. He's still Grandma's Boy. I love you Josh and I am so proud of you. Love all the pictures. I want a copy please. They're all good. Especially love the one of you kissing him....remember that same pose around 8 years ago. :-) and I especially love the one of Patrick and Josh smiling and looking at each other.
    Love, MOM/Grandma