Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday to my Brenna

We celebrated Brenna's 12th birthday July 6th. I know I say this all the time, but...Wow! Time really does fly! It seems like only a few weeks ago we were welcoming our baby girl into the world. What a fun birth! She was our 2nd homebirth, and she was very very fast! Just like Beth, she came too quick and Patrick had to deliver her. I was so glad Mom and Tay were able to be there and share the experience with us. (Although I think Tay paced the whole time, so she probably missed most of it!)

For her birthday Brenna wanted to go Snorkeling. She's just learning how, but she is really enjoying it. Patrick blew up our big boat and took Josh, Beth and Brenna out to some great snorkeling seas. Silas, Callie, and I stayed on the shore, played in the water, threw rocks in the water (that's Silas's favorite part) and ate a whole canister of cheese balls! It was great!

Patrick and Josh led the boat through the deep water for the girls. They smiled for the picture, but after that they had their head over the side of the boat looking at all of the fish.

After our beach time, Beth, Brenna, and I had some girl time. Love my girl time with my girls! We took Brenna to LeSelect to get three hamburgers, fries, and cokes. Brenna loves her Cokes! Brenna decided to have our lunch at a gazebo by the harbor of Gustavia. We laughed and giggled, and chowed down on some excellent burgers!!

Then, after Apple Pie for Brenna's birthday, Brenna got out her new birthday gift...more acrylic paints. She painted away the afternoon and enjoyed her time of relaxing.

Happy Birthday to my Brenna! I love you lots and lots!


    Looks like you had another fantastic birthday. Wish I could have been there.
    But I hate to tell you this....i think they gyped you at lunch. You have a Pepsi....not a Coke. We want COKE!!! :-)