Friday, August 19, 2011

What was in that Special Box?

So....last post I mentioned there as a very special box in our last shipment. Here's a little hint:

We went from this:

To This:

I know I've mentioned it before, but we have the most sweetest and thoughtful home church a missionary family could ever ask for. When they heard Patrick and Josh had been cutting our grass, and keeping our yard trim with a Machete, they bought and shipped us a Weedeater! And not just any weedeater, they bought us the best! Patrick and Josh are loving it! Of course, the guys love anything that makes some noise and has a motor on it! Our yard looks wonderful, and it doesn't take all day to do with a backache at the end!

We love you Winkler! You all truly are the best!


  1. Wonderful!! We love you all too!!

  2. We do have the best church, don't we? I knew the guys would love the weedeater. Don't ya just love getting mail and packages? :-)