Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some things I've learned.....

We have lived here on the Mission Field for almost 4 months. I still have so much to learn but I have learned a few things. So, I thought I'd share!

I've learned:

~Citronella is not my favorite candle scent!

~Contrary to popular belief, sweating does not make you lose weight.

~IF I believed in "Rain Dances" mine would simply be to hang fresh laundry on the clothesline.
Works everytime!

~To not panic at the sight of a flying cockroach, a swarm of mosquitos, a mile long trail of ants leading to my countertop, or a pack of large, teal lizards with long, scaly tails.

~That I can kill huge cockroaches without screaming for my husband.

~That sliced bread and real milk are two of life's true treats.

~That it takes more than 4 months to learn to convert measurements of grams, km, and liters.

~I can survive without my blow-dryer, curling iron and flat iron.

~I can't survive without anit-frizz serum, spray curling gel and hairspray!

~That I will never get used to crunchy, stiff towels off the clothesline.

~How to use the low gear, four wheel drive and the emergency break all at the same time!

~There are many other fruits beyond the apple, orange and banana.

~Sliding down a steep mountain, in the rain, backwards in a car is a VERY SCARY THING!

~To never plug in ANYTHING without checking first with Patrick or Josh to see if I need a converter or adaptor.

~Your family is your most important treasure.

~Watching someone draw closer to the Lord is a precious sight.

~There isn't any other way to work in the ministry, except as a family!

~Starting a church out of your home takes a lot of work!

~God has your tomorrow in His hands.


  1. This is really great. You've learned so much, very quickly.
    I'm not sure about that blow dryer, one. You lost me with that one!

  2. This touched my heart. Sometimes we forget about the little things we take for granted. And what an adjustment life would be like in another part of the world. The teal lizards would have to go. ha!


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  4. Love and miss you.
    Praying for you.
    Love, MOM

  5. These were a blessing; some were funny. I could relate to about all of them!

  6. We had our first experience with roaches...I too found it easier to kill them without screaming for my husband.Saw a lizard come in but haven't seen it since and hope not to. The outlet things drive me crazy. Just like you...I wouldn't trade it for anything.