Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Never-Ending Saga of Shipments (This is #4!)

Finally we received our 4th shipment! Just like when our other things arrived, this time felt like Christmas, too!

Our instruments! yay! We unpacked our violin, flute, guitar, mandolin, and piano. We can't wait to have music at our Sunday Bible Studies!

See the big box on top of the car? It's my sewing table! Yay! I love having my sewing set up and ready for me to sit and sew and create whenever I have a free quick minute. We were also very excited when Josh brought in our carpet!

The moment we brought in the rug, Callie immediately got down and started rolling all over it. Poor baby, I don't think she knew what a carpet is! (We have all tile). We decided to go with the not-exactly-the-way-a-decorator-would-do-it look for positioning the rug. Instead of arranging it neatly under our coffee table, we put it under just a little and left most of the rug uncovered. This way my Callie can feel the soft rug under her toes. (And the rest of us have been on it quite a bit, too!)

Brenna and Josh were excited to receive their birthday gifts from my parents. Our original plan was to have this box sent ahead of time. I told my parents my to send it with our stuff, but we ended up sending out our shipment much later than planned. Even though it was late, the kids felt like they got to have their birthday all over again!

In the box with Josh and Brenna's gifts were also some goodies from my Mom (Love you Mom, you're the best!) and some sweet gifts and notes from our home church. It's amazing how God works. One of Josh's gifts was a CD he had been wanting from Golden State Baptist College. Of course he put it in right away. By the time we got to the notes and gifts from our home church there was a song playing that just fit the moment perfect. It said:

He's already in your tomorrow

He's walking one step ahead

He'll never leave you lonely

In the land of the great unknown

He's already in your tomorrow

Don't be afraid, Keep pressing on.

What a blessing that was to me! God knew exactly when I needed those sweet notes and to know there are people praying on our behalf!

There was also another very special box we received in this shipment.....But I'll save that for the next post! :o)


  1. I'm so excited for you all. And that sewing table, FUN!!!
    I enjoy your reading about your life!

  2. I love that song! West Coast has a CD with that song on it too (I think these guys share all their songs! LOL), and I've loved it from the first time I heard it. I'm sure all those boxes have seemed like Christmas. It's fun!