Monday, December 12, 2011

Josh's Ministry

My Joshua has developed his own way to participate in our Sunday Services. I'm so proud of him! Every week he has something to report on...whether it be information on a Bible character, Missionaries in other countries or the truth about cults with Bible verses to back it up. He prepares a power point to go with it with lots of great photos. The really great thing is that he has to do all of this in french which is really helping him in that area! For the month of December he has been doing things with more of a Christmas theme. Last Sunday he did "The History of the Candy Cane." It was great as the ladies realized why this candy was made in the first place and how the maker wanted to draw others to Christ. We all enjoyed eating the candy during the presentation, too! Brenna looked at me and said, "Finally I'm allowed to eat candy in church!"

Our Sunday morning services have been going very well. We have 3 faithful ladies that come every week and we enjoy being with them so much. We're still earnestly praying for more people to come. Last week Patrick designed some brochure like flyers that we had printed up and sent to us. They look great! We ordered 1,000 and are ready to pass out every single one! Please pray for us to have an impact on the people of St. Barthelemy. Please pray with us for a bigger vehicle, we know we could build a big van ministry here. Also, pray that the Lord will allow us to be able to rent a building soon with lots of people to fill it up! We need a place in a good location, but also need the Lord to provide the funds, too. He is able! We're so excited about seeing a church being planted here in St. Barths!


  1. Good for Josh!! I will make sure Brandon reads will be praying for all of those things.Is there a building available now?..God Bless you guys!!

  2. Thought id leave a comment on your blog and say hello. Richard from an Amish settlement in Pennsylvania.

  3. Your kids never cease to amaze me... and neither do you! You are such an inspiration to me on how to train children for the Lord's work!