Monday, December 19, 2011

Needing a Date

Don't you find that Christmas season can just be so super busy, that you don't have as much time with your sweet man? Patrick and I felt that way, so we knew it was time for a date! Remember that gorgeous spot that me and the kiddos hiked up to? I knew right away it would be a perfect romantic spot! We went to the top with two backpacks in hand. One with a blanket and fried chicken. The other with potato salad, two pepsis and chocolate cake. Perfect picnic food!

It was the perfect time to see the sunset....well, maybe the clouds did cover the sun, but it was a perfect, cheap date. And we needed time alone so much!

This is definitely something we need to do more often! I love date night. So, for a sneak peak :o) one of my goals for the new year is to make sure dates happen! They don't have to be expensive (this one was free!), they just need to be time together, just me and my man.


  1. We still have date nights after 29yrs. of marraige and we love them..although I have told my husband..going to the hardware store--is not a "date night" don't do that to often.Have a Blessed Beautiful Christmas!!