Friday, December 9, 2011

Being German for the Day

When my sister, Tabitha, was studying German in school, she came home one day and told my Mom that on December 6th German children set there shoes outside of their door and in the morning they find gifts! That night she set out her shoes. Mom hurried and put in a gift, and a tradition was born! My Mom has been so sweet to keep up with that tradition and still sends us "December 6th" gifts! Yay for gifts! :o)
Silas and Callie are definitely new to unwrapping. They haven't had the years of practice like my other kiddos! Silas became a little impatient with Miss Callie Grace taking so long, so he decided to help. That didn't go over all that great with her...Christmas morning is going to be interesting! :o) Mom and Dad, we loved our gifts! How exciting to be able to open one early! And you remember every one of us, how sweet! Even me and Patrick! That night we played Josh's game he received "Angry Birds", but I'll talk about that in another post! :o)

Silas and Callie enjoyed their Coloring mat. I love that the crayon erases and you can start all over again. Genius!

I decided to get in the "German Christmas" mood and make some German Stollen bread. It didn't exactly go over too well. The kids took one bite and not another. Patrick and I ate it, but didn't love it. We're just not fruitcake type of people. Maybe next year I'll try a different German recipe.


  1. Hello, I found your blog at crazy mom quilts and must say that as a German I'm excited you started this tradition in your familiy! (= Actually we call that day Nikolaus (pronounced: nee-co-lous (as in lousy)) and we don't put real gifts in the shoes but fruits, nuts and sweets (like ginger bread, etc.). But only the good kids get something from Nikolaus, a santa-like guy who comes into the house at night to bring the gifts. And he sees that the kids have been good, when their shoes are clean. So we all have to clean and polish our shoes on December 5th. Just for some background information. I hope you enjoy your holidays!
    Livia (eierplaetzchen(at)

  2. Hi, my name is Jose van Merrebach and I live in the Netherlands. I follow you blog and I love I! I also love the Lord with all of my heart!
    It is not just in Germany that they celebrate "Sinterklaas" on december 6, but also in the Netherlands and in Belgium. It's a lovely tradition!