Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Simple One

I think the traditions that I remember the most as a child, and the ones my kiddos remember, too, are the simple ones. The let's-just-be-together ones.

A few Christmas's ago I bought a book filled with Christmas stories like "Twas the Night before Christmas" "The Nutcracker" and "The Drummer Boy." I think there are over 30 of them in there! When I bought the book we started the tradition of reading one (or several!) of the stories by the lit up tree, with lots of candle light, and homemade cocoa. It's such a sweet quiet time and I love it! We usually do this several times through the season.

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  1. Great Post! and since I can't seem to leave a comment on Patrick's blog..I will leave it here. I have decided that we need to live in your neighborhood after seeing those bags of I hope you don't mind if I copy some of your creative ideas!!