Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bye, Mom...Thanks

Saturday was the day...My Mom had to head back home.  It was soooo great to have her travel back with me and spend the week with us.  She's amazing at unpacking and sorting the kids drawers of clothes.  (It's never been my forte to cram too many clothes in a small space!)  How will I ever be able to unpack on my own again!
We've had a great time at the beach, bathing our new baby Micah, sewing together, learning new quilting stuff, eating burgers from the burger shop, visiting, driving around the island, cooking and baking...you name it, and we fit it into 6 short days!  It was great!

 Mom left on Saturday morning to take the ferry to St. Martin.  Poor Mom, her flight was canceled and she had to stay the night in a hotel (by herself) and fly out the next day.  I was thankful when I finally heard her voice safely in Florida.  My Mom sure is amazing.  She loves her husband, grandkids, son in laws and daughters with her whole being.  She is one devoted lady!  When she called from Florida and wanted to know how I really am doing, I told her I'm okay, but missing her.  Now, I have to be the Mommy again! 
Miss you already, Mom.  Thanks for coming and for everything!

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  1. Make me cry AGAIN!! Thanks for the post Kami and thank you for the wonderful time I had while I was there. You all are the perfect hosts and hostesses.
    It was hard to leave but I know this is where God wants you to be. I am so proud of you.
    Love, MOM