Friday, June 15, 2012

A new bed for Callie

 My sweet little Callie has outgrown her crib.  (which is really a port-a-crib).  So, we did some rearranging and figuring and came up with a good solution for where she should sleep.  We moved the loveseat into the kiddos room, I made a sheet for it with matching  pillowcase, and Voila Callie has her new big girl bed!  At night we put up the safety railing to help her not to fall out.
 She's adapted very well!  I'm so proud of her!
 It actually was good timing, though.  It was time for Micah to be sleeping in her old crib.  He  seems to be getting to big for his bassinet.  I haven't taken pics of him in the crib yet, but we folded it up for about a week, just so it wasn't too confusing for Callie.  When we set it back up for Micah we realized he isn't quite ready to be in the kids room...or should I say Callie isn't ready!  The crib will go right next to Callie's bed and this Momma had thoughts of the baby having too much attention from sweet Callie.  So, for now, Patrick and I have a crib in our room.  It works, like I said, for now.  My babies are growing up!

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  1. Love her new bed. So happy you make things so special for them. and love her cute smile.
    Love and miss you all