Friday, June 8, 2012


A couple of days ago, I declared our day to be a "Chores~N~More" day.  The kiddos had to complete their morning chores, plus one more that we don't do on a weekly basis.  I usually write down the extra chore and have them draw it, or they get to pick from a list.  Well, Joshua picked "Clean out the Spice Cabinet"
Somehow, honey had spilled along with some garlic powder inside the cabinet.  Not a great smell combo!  It was a mess.  So, after he took out all the spices and stuff, he washed the cabinet and washed all the bottoms of the bottles.  Then, he had an idea.  I usually have all my bottles of spices and stuff thrown in the cabinet.  But, if they're not in the first row, I can't see them.  My sweet Josh came up with an easier way for me to grab my magic dusts for food.  He made a stair step shelf from an old rubbermaid container!  How cool is that!?

First he cut it in half, then drilled the two pieces together in a stair step fashion.

Then, he put everything back in the cabinet.  It works great!! I'm not scrounging around anymore, knocking other bottles over, to find my spices.  I Love it!  And I love that my boy went the extra mile.  Thanks Josh!


  1. Such a great idea!! It looks so nice and organized!

  2. That is a neat idea :). We have honey spilled in our cabinet too :( thankfully no garlic though :).

  3. That's a bright and thoughtful young man you have there.