Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fast Forward

On the phone the other day, I told my sister, Taylin, that I feel like my life is on fast forward and I'm not really living it, just watching from a distance. (My kiddos are growing up too fast) She gave me some great words to think on  (and giggle about!)  She said, "I've decided that I'm going to smile while my life feels like it's on fast forward.  I would hate for it to pause and me be frowning!"  Love that girl!


  1. I can SO relate to that!!Great advice from Taylin!! I'm going to keep smiling!!

  2. What a great thought! Aren't sisters the greatest?! :o)

  3. That was a good one! I just found your blog and now am following. Please come by and follow me back:) WE have a lot in common. We have 7 children and homeschool and one day would like for God to move us to the mission feild. Right now we are working in the bus ministry and music ministry.