Thursday, November 1, 2012

Don't worry girls...she's got your back!

My Elisabeth and Brenna have been gone for a week now.  This Momma misses them for sure!  They're really loving being spoiled by Grandparents.  I think they are on a Fast Food Marathon and they are loving it! (And I'm a little jealous!)  So, while they're gone,  Little Miss Callie Grace has become a fun helper...a little more time spent on each chore...but it's been fun!
 Today, Patrick and I were sitting at the kitchen table just talking when Josh came in and said, "Mom, you really need to look at this."   Starting a conversation like that always makes me nervous!  I came to the bathroom and Silas and Callie each had a toilet paper roll (the cardboard part) empty.  Yup. No toilet paper.   It was ALL OVER the floor.  2 rolls worth.  Silas started telling me, "We did it Mom, we got it all off!"  What?  They have so many toys, did they really need a cardboard tube to play with?  I'll admit it...I was a little frustrated.  Then, I heard a sweet hubby quietly saying, "They're just being children.  Don't get upset."  So, after a goooood deep breath.  I looked at both of them and asked, "Did you make a big mess?"  Duh.  They knew that answer!  Then asked,  "Were you being a good helper to Momma when you did this?"  No.  So, I told them to not do that again and make big messes to clean up.  So, I went to put Micah in his crib before tackling cleaning up the mess.  As I came out of the bedroom, Josh said, "Uh, Mom, there's another problem."  I went into the bathroom and found that ALL of the toilet paper had been stuffed down the toilet and then they tried to flush overflowed and now there was one inch of water all over the floor with tons of toilet paper in the overflowing toilet.  Oh boy!  Then, I had to giggle.  I had asked the stupid question..."Were you being a good helper?"  I guess they decided they would help, and what better place to put toilet paper? :o)
Loving my time with my blessings!

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