Saturday, November 24, 2012

Missions Banquet Part Two continue my last post on our banquet....After we finished our banquet dinner (which was wonderful) it was time for Missionary Christmas!  My sweet Aunt Robin sent us a box that arrived the day before for us to open up and enjoy on our Family Fun Night!  It was a perfect ending to our banquet!  The kids gathered in the Living Room as I pulled out all the amazing stuff from the box.  Talk about excitement!   
But first, I want to share a memory:
When I was younger, every summer we would go to Michigan for our Family Reunion.  It was right before school started and my Aunt Robin always had so many things for us.  I remember she would have us 3 girls (When Tay was older, she would sit with us) and Robin would bring out outfit after outfit for us for school.  She sacrificed so much for us, and it is a sweet memory that I will never forget!

 Silas and Callie were so excited about Goldfish crackers, they are their favorites!
 Can you tell she's a Tigers Fan?

 When Callie saw this pillow with Bears on it, she just hugged it, it was so sweet!
 I love the reaction on the girls faces!  Do you know what I pulled out of the box?  Crystal Light Drink Mixes.  Another of our favorites!
 Don't my two boys look so handsome in their new shirts?
My Aunt Robin sent so many goodies!  There were snacks galore for everyone, clothes, toothbrushes, wipes, many goodies!  Thank you Robin, you are so thoughtful and made our night so special!  We love you!

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  1. What a nice aunt to bless all of you like that. I'm so glad the children are happy with their gifts. Blessings. x