Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ideas for "Laying Up" God's Word in your heart

Since I posted about "laying up" God's Word in my heart, the Lord has flooded my head and quiet time with verses that I want to memorize. These verses are some that I desperately need!  God is so good to me!  So, I've been compiling my "List for Success."  But, before I share my list,  I wanted to give a few ideas on how to make memorizing the Bible easier.  Busy Moms are exactly that...Busy!  It's easy for us to be too busy and then use that as an excuse to not do what we're supposed to do.  Well, I have some ideas from some Super Busy people.  But, they've made memorizing God's Word a priority and it works!   So, pick one, or do all five, just get busy "Laying Up" God's Word in your heart!

~My Pastor (Pastor Strange) has so much Bible knowledge.  He's a wealth of information! One of his tricks to memorizing is to write your verse on a card.  Then, put it in your pocket (or purse).  Whenever you have a free moment, pull out the card and read your verse.  Think about how many times we have a free 20 second time span...all those 20 seconds add up, so don't waste them!  (standing in line at the grocery store, waiting in the drive-thru, waiting on hold) 

~Patrick has been memorizing a verse in french every week.  Not an easy task!  Every morning he writes his verse for the week over and over.  He finds that writing these verses helps them to stick in his mind.

~I love my Bible on CD.  I find that if I listen to my particular verse or chapter while I'm folding laundry or doing dishes, I can more easily memorize that verse.  (And I can still hear Alexander Scourby saying it in my head!)

~Teach your verses to your kiddos. I've been teaching Silas and Callie 1 Corinthians 13.  By making fun motions and expressions they pick up on it pretty quick...and I do too!

~Lastly, have your kids help you to create a "tune" or song to a Bible verse.  We actually had a contest for our family as to who could come up with a new scripture song!  Patrick combined the "Muffin Man" tune to Proverbs 16:2 &3.  This was a lot of fun and now we can't get these verses out of our heads!

My next "Heart of the Matter" post will be some ideas for verses that will help us to be successful in our marriages.  I'm loving this month's word, "Lay Up"!

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  1. Dear Kami, Hi I came across your blog, and really enjoyed reading some of your posts. I know that you do not know who I am. My name is Alisia Cutts, I am on facebook and I have a blog as well. I would really like to keep in touch with you. ( Just in case you are wondering who the random person is who is now following your blog :) PS I love your family pic :) LOL