Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy 9 Months Micah Reuben!

 Today my Micah turned 9 months old.  He is really growing and is starting to try and talk more.  He says "Da Da" and "Na Na"  (especially after Brenna says, "Say Brenna!)  He can also pretend to sing. (He just started that today and it's adorable!) and he can imitate the sounds of our chickens.
 He had a checkup yesterday and he is a very healthy baby, but has a slight ear infection in his right ear.  He also received his immunizations yesterday, so today he's been running a fever.  poor baby.
He's very busy and loves to crawl super fast.  He also holds onto stuff (while standing) with only one hand.  He's ready to take off!  He's so content and just happy.  And such squeezable cute cheeks!  I love this little man!

Happy 9 months my Micah Roo!


  1. Happy 9 Months Micah!!!! We sure do love you!!!

  2. hello.i'm a missonary wife, in romania and just foud this blog. my smallest was born on the same day as yours! so God bless you all and especially your little son:) abi