Monday, January 21, 2013

Less Laundry

Minus 2 kiddos in the house means a lot less laundry, that's for sure!  But, they are definitely missed!
Joshua and Elisabeth are having a great time in Florida.  They're enjoying being with family, friends, going to our homechurch and eating lots of junk food!  God is giving them oppurtunities to sing and Josh has  been able to preach a couple of times and teach Sunday School twice too.  Josh was so excited to tell us that after Sunday School yesterday he was able to lead a boy to the Lord.  How wonderful!  Saturday they return home.  This Momma is ready!
God is so good to our family!


  1. So glad they're having a good time and praise The Lord that one more soul has been saved.

  2. I bet you are missing them. I would feel so empty.

  3. They did such a good job singing! I especially enjoy the song that Beth sang Wednesday night.
    I wanted you to know that Abigail and I were thinking about you guys today, and since I had access to a computer, I decided to let you know.
    We're praying that Josh and Beth get back safely!
    In Christ's name,