Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Patrick!

Yesterday my wonderful husband turned 38.  38!  Now I'm married to an old man! :o)

 We started off his day with a good (gluten-free) breakfast.  Corn Cakes, Eggs (one was from our chickens) and sausage links (JoJos had them!)  He loves a big breakfast!

 Then we skyped with Joshua and Elisabeth.  They were able to watch him open his gifts, so that was pretty neat!

 (Oh I miss those kiddos!)

We had a relaxing day of Andy Griffith, checking on chickens, talking, resting, eating, and just being together...exactly what he wanted!
Happy Birthday my sweetheart. You're the best!  And by the way, I find the graying sideburns very attractive! ;o)  Seriously!


  1. Happy Birthday to Patrick!
    It looks like you all started the day right. I love that Skype helps you keep the other children involved in the celebration. Have a wonderful week of blessings. x

  2. Happy Birthday Old Man! :) Was that first pic of birthday toilet paper??? What is that?

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK!!!! Glad you enjoyed your day hanging out laundry. :-)
    Love you

  4. Happy birthday to Patrick. looks like a great day.

  5. that sounds good I love a big breakfast too! I've never skyped but want to.