Saturday, January 12, 2013

Off They Go and Off They Come!

This morning I dropped off Patrick, Joshua and Elisabeth to take the boat to St. Martin.  From there Josh and Beth will be flying to Fort Lauderdale.  Beth is getting her braces off!  Our orthodontist has been so great about letting us be so flexible with her visits and he even had us send pictures of her mouth so he could judge when she'd be ready to get her braces off.  He said "Now is the time!"  So my girl is quite excited!  (We've visited the orthodontist here twice, but the last time he told us he would need $1500 dollars up front in order to see her again, and that would cover her next 4 appts.  That was quite expensive, so we realized it was cheaper to fly her back to Florida for her few remaining visits and see the orthodontist that is already paid in full)
When we looked for tickets we found Spirit had tickets way cheaper than American or JetBlue.  It was actually cheaper (Wow!) to buy 2 tickets instead of 1 with the other airlines.  The only catch is that with Spirit you can't fly alone when you're 14 (internationally)  So, she had to have a chaperone.  And 16 is considered old enough.  Hhhhmmm. I wonder who is 16 and would love a trip to Florida? :o)  So, Joshua was nominated to accompany Elisabeth.  He was excited, too!
  I was talking to my Bethy last night and she said she's never flown with Josh and she hopes he will want to play a card game on the plane and look at the gift shops at the airport. :o)  One thing is for sure, these two will have a great time traveling together, and a great time being spoiled in Florida.  I miss them already!


  1. Who would spoil them in Florida?

  2. I can't wait for them to come and love on them and of course spoil them. :-)

  3. How exciting for the two teenagers to go off to another country alone (together). I hope they have a nice time.