Wednesday, September 24, 2014

All Heaven Rejoices

My Callie Grace has been asking many question lately about getting saved.  She has been ending most of her prayers with, "Please God, let me be saved!"  We knew the Lord was working on her heart and that she was starting to understand her need of the Savior.

We went to a great Monday night service to hear Johnny Pope preach.  During the altar call she came to us with tears and said, "I want to go up front and get saved!"  Patrick talked with her, and then they talked more when we got home.  While standing outside the door, listening in, I was able to hear my girl pray to her Heavenly Father and ask him to take away her sin and save her.  How precious!

Go sound the horn, strike up the choir,
A sinner is saved, saved from the fire.
No more in darkness, he's received my Son.
All heaven rejoices, that's the value of one!


  1. What wonderful news! I'm so glad that you were able to hear her too :)

  2. Oh That's Wonderful!!
    I'm so glad she got saved! :)
    The pictures are really sweet!
    love, Kristen Smith

  3. So happy for Callie and all of you! Two children in one year. What a blessing!