Saturday, September 20, 2014


A Post From Patrick

Well, our journey this week to Kami's doctor was bittersweet. 

We had come to the realization that the IV antibiotics have reached their maximum potential and Kami has now ceased to progress under these antibiotics.  

All of her symptoms have returned and we are experiencing a setback. (We praise the Lord that her energy level is still up and this allows her to be able to function mentally and somewhat physically.)  Her chest pain/pressure is once again strong, her cough (trying to catch her breath)has returned, and her joints hurt her constantly...especially her knees.  When she bends them, they now make a pop...the doctor said that the Lyme has definitely attacked her joints.

The doctor was discouraged that the PICC line had to be removed due to a regression instead of a progression of healing.  And this now leads us to a new phase of treatment.

The next step is a new regimen of oral antibiotics.  Kami is now taking 3 antibiotics and she spent the morning seems like it will take her some time to get accustomed to the new medication.   Then, in 1 month, the doctor is going to prescribe an additional 2 antibiotics to treat another bacterial infection that she believes is the reason for her chest pain/pressure.  

Please continue to pray for our family and for Kami's healing.  We just want to say, "Thanks to our Heavenly Father who is great and greatly to be praised!"  God has been faithful and good throughout all of this!  He has helped us financially, never forsaken us, and allowed us to be at a place where we can be a part of our home church and in the same city as our parents.  Praise be to God and our Savior Jesus Christ!


  1. I pray the next phase of treatment will have lasting effects. I thank God that he has been there for Kami and your family, each and every single step. Blessings. x

  2. Oh, Kami. My heart just aches for you as you battle this sickness. May our Lord heal you, my dear friend. We continue to pray for you each week at Karen Baptist Church, and you are on my personal prayer list as well.

  3. do hope they get this figured out soon..