Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bus Going Away Party

 My kiddos have loved being able to work in the Bus Ministry since we've been back in Florida.  They all (sometimes all 6!) ride on the Horton's Bus.  What a blessing and encouragement the Hortons have been to us!  Josh has been the one in charge of the Bus program to and from church.  He loves it!  Brenna decided that since it was Josh's last Sunday, the bus should throw a going away party for him.  She started out with Beth giving Josh a pie in the face.  Somehow, a lot of bus promotions have to do with pies in the face!
 Then, she had Josh put the pie in Beth's face since she will be the one heading up the program now.
 Micah was pretty traumatized by all of this.  He talked about the pie in the face for several days.

 Brenna and Sarah baked cookies for the party.  They were Yummy!

 Then, Brenna had some fun games planned.  Doesn't she look so cute standing up there!

All the bus kids signed this poster for Josh.  They sure are going to miss him!  And he will definitely miss them!


  1. How wonderful that your daughter organized a fun event for her brother and sister's transition. Brenna does look all grown up standing there at the front of the bus. xx

  2. I forgot to mention Micah and how shocked he looks. That's a priceless photo. xx

  3. Loved the look on Micah's face and how he retold it for days. Love how much fun they have on the bus, I think I might start riding it you think they'll pick me up? :-)

  4. Brenna reminds me so much of Patrick . Planning a party tho, that is all her Momma!!